Faq - Harbour House Condos by Streetcar: Official Website

Streetcar Developments is excited to present, Harbour House, its first mixed use project in the Town of Collingwood. As we proceed through the development process, we appreciate that you might have questions about the site, the building and the development overall. To better understand the project, please explore the below Frequently Ask Questions for more information. We are very excited about the improvements we are proposing to the Collingwood waterfront.

The development is located at 31 Huron Street, Collingwood. The site is bound by Huron Street to the south, Heritage Drive to the east, Side Launch Way to the north and a future Town park to the west. See site plan below.

A 6-story mixed-use building, with 5 levels of residential above ground floor retail as permitted in the approved Town of Collingwood Official Plan.
130 residential units as permitted in the approved Town of Collingwood Official Plan.
The Town of Collingwood requires, 1 parking space per residential unit, 0.25 spaces per unit for visitors and 3 spaces per 100 square meters of commercial space in this area. This would amount to a total requirement of 208 parking spaces for this project. Our current proposal has approximately 280 parking spaces, an oversupply of 72 parking spaces which is intended to assist in alleviating existing parking shortfalls in the area. Access to the parking will be from Heritage Drive and Side Launch Way.

The site is currently vacant land. See image below.

The Shipyards Master Plan and special policy area is comprised mostly of lands formerly used as the shipping yards. It was developed and approved by the Town of Collingwood and its residents in 2006 and dictates how the lands are to be developed.
Construction is currently planned to Start Fall 2021

The location and height of the building on the lands was established in 2006, in the approved Shipyards Master Plan which is imbedded in the Town of Collingwood’s Official Plan. This proposal follows that framework and creates new vistas and placemaking that were identified at the outset. The views up Heritage Drive on the eastern boundary of the site will be enhanced by a landscaped public realm from Huron Street to Side Launch Way.

The west view corridor up the drydock will be enhanced by a public park that will ideally be designed and constructed along with this development.

The site is located in The Shipyards area and the architectural intention is to visually link the proposed building to the industrial buildings on the waterfront. The grain elevators (The Terminals) contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the town’s origin and development, and the new building will act as a gateway to the spit with the iconic Collingwood Terminals as a backdrop. Inspiration can be found in the materiality, the repetition in shapes, the geometrical simplicity and unostentatious style. The pitched roofs and the vertical breaks in the façades of the proposed building read in scale to the existing harbour buildings and become a refined and modern interpretation of harbour architecture, warehouses, and the strong verticality of The Terminals.
The commercial space at grade will target boutique, active retail uses with a maximum size of 500 square metres. No retail tenants have been secured at this time. The retail space will front both Huron Street to the south and the future Town Park to the west. Patios are proposed on the west facing retail that will seamlessly integrate into the park design. A loading space for use by the retailers is located within the building structure and the parking supply will exceed the requirements for this location.
Should you have questions for our team that were not addressed above, please feel free to contact us at inquiries@harbourhousecondos.com